Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late Autumn Carp Fishing

Nope. Carp season still ain’t over yet. Total sweetness. Stinky wading boots and filthy waders sweetness. The mud flats are nice and low this time of year and the water is getting chilly ‘cause of the long, cool nights. The carp are in the mood to do nothing but sit on the couch, eat corn chips and argue about gridiron. (How ‘bout those Brownies…spankin’ some Saint ass!) Anyway…what I am attempting to say is, the water is cold (maybe time to stop wet wading?) and the carp are hungry and eating willingly. The carp season is definitely still on. In fact, I had my best day of the entire season in the past week. (300 pounds of carp on a Sage 5 weight…is that a good day?) It was a sunny day, high of 67 degrees…I had the entire flat to myself…and I was never without a tailing fish within casting range. Was using 3x leader and a #6 “Grey Minnow” Backstabber Carp fly. Most awesome yet grueling 4 ½ hours of the year. Carp averaged about six pounds apiece. You do the math. Oh, and don’t even bother asking what mud flat I was fishing…ain’t gonna tell! Well, if ya feed me a good bottle of pinot and show me some leg…then maybe.

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