Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boulder Creek Bugs

I have always seen a good diversity of bug life on both Middle and South Boulder Creeks, but this year I am seeing way more. And I don't know what it is...maybe just an accumulation of more than a few great water years in a row. Whatever it is, I'll take it!

Last time I was fishing South Boulder Creek I got distracted by the masses of cases caddis on every rock in the water! I would lift up one of the nearest and easiest rocks and marvel at the delicacy and detail involved. While I held the rock up in the sunlight to get a good look I could hear the caddis larva scrinching around in their homes...sometimes poking their little, black heads out far enough for me to see their bright green bodies. Too cool! And then the palm-fulls of Green Drake nymphs! It only took me lifting up two or three rocks to get enough Drakes to make a good photo. I can't remember finding bugs in these numbers...not even on the Frying Pan!

Gonna be a great Summer and Fall for fishing!

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