Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Hey carp lover"

Had an interesting email from Jason Matthies the other day...entitled "Hey carp lover" and some great fishing transpired because of it. Now, sitting down and chaining myself to the keyboard, doing my best to weave it all into something fun...or at the very least coherent...I have decided to just copy and paste the entire on-line conversation. I could not tell it any better...

Jason: "There's 5-6 acre pond/slough I occasionally drive by that is packed with nice size carp. Over the past few weeks I've watched the water level drop dramatically in it to the point that I'm getting somewhat concerned that this slough is going to turn into a mud pit shortly and the 70 - 80 carp are going to be killed off. I can't image that the water is any deeper an 12-18" on average now. It's apparent that the water is down a few feet from the spring time high. I'd hate to see these fish die so I'm curious if it's possible to contact someone (which is what I'm hoping you might know) and obtain permission to catch as many as possible and transplant them into deeper water somewhere close. Any ideas on how to go about this and where one might start? Either that or we go out there and catch them until our arms are sore."

Jay: "The state could care less about contacting anyone is pointless. Transplanting any would be highly frowned upon...they are evasive species after all. Carp are survivors, though. They can live a few days in nothing but damp mud! But catching so many my arms feel like falling that's a good time! Let me know when ya want to fish it!"

Jason: "I'm game for hitting the water today and/or tomorrow. I'll probably work half a day today and the same tomorrow. Are you at the shop?"

Jay: "Yup. Lets do it!"

And, yes...we caught carp 'till our arms were sore!

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