Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boulder Creek Report (October 2010)

On Tuesday this week I had only an hour to fish the creek…and I was having severe motivation issues as well. Took me awhile to crawl out of bed. And the lack of drive continued once I was up in the canyon. The last thing I wanted to do was don my already cold, damp waders... I was reminded of what an old friend used to say, "Waders make you look like you're serious." And I didn't feel serious. I just wanted to see the creek and maybe catch a trout or two. So I left my jeans on and hopped from dry rock to dry rock doing my best to stay dry. The creek is so low right now that I could easily get away with it. But I couldn't get in the right positions to make the proper casts and presentations. I was left to attempt casts I haven't tried in years...40 foot roll casts (with a 3 wt) and big slack casts aimed up at a 45 degree angle to allow all the line and leader to collapse back on the water in long, lazy curves. These are designed to absorb all the conflicting currents between you and your fly. And I looked like a tool...until trout ate my fly one after another. Took a half dozen small browns on a #20 Adams. Then I went home.

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