Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Tie the Iceman Midge

I am a big fan of midge pupa. I love to fish them, because they work so well…and they almost never don’t work. I think that made sense? But, more than anything, I love to tie them. And I love to look at other guys midges, too. (Not in the shower at the gym, however.) Especially the hard-core winter tailwater fishermen. They have such awesome midge boxes. Row after row of midges…all slight variations in size and color. And they are always on the prowl for something new to add to the ranks. So, here ya go…

Click Here for Step by Step (with photos!)

Step 1. Begin by wrapping red 6/0 Uni-Thread behind the eye of a TMC 2488 hook.

Step 2. Using the red thread, tie in three strands of extra-small UTC wire (one must be black, the other two can be silver, copper, chartreuse or olive.) Tie off thread using a whip-finish knot and cut.

Step 3. Wrap all three strands of wire to the rear of the curved hook shank. Once you have reached where you want the midge abdomen to end, snap them all off simultaneously. It will be easy, the wire is thin. But, if you cut the wire, the tips will not lie flat to the hook shank.

Step 4. Tie on olive dun 6/0 Uni-Thread immediately behind the hook eye. Build up only a very slight thread head before tying off using whip-finish knot. Be sure to leave a small band of the original red thread showing. Then use a black Sharpie marker to color the top of the olive head.

Step 5. Use the Loon Outdoors clear UV Knot Sense to build a true pupa shape over the entire fly. Harden with the Loon UV light. Lastly, place the finished fly into the lip of a Styrofoam cup or something similar and coat with Hard-as-Hull or another head cement.

Here is a fly tying video you can watch...Iceman Midge: Click Here To See Video!

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