Sunday, September 5, 2010

Will the real slim sally please stand up?

Since publishing the blog post last week about seeing a ton of Yellow Sally stones on South Boulder Creek I have had many local fisherman come into the fly shop and ask (a bit hesitantly) what an adult Sally looks like. And I felt silly (weird semi-pun intended) for not taking the time to get a good close-up photo of one of the many that were around me that particular day on the creek. I'll admit...I did not take the time because the fishing was good and I guess I couldn't have been bothered to reel in and hunt for the one adult stonefly in the area that did not appear to have ADD (i.e. was standing still). So, I felt obliged to go back and get the shot. For you. OK...that was a lie. I just wanted to go back because the fishing had been so good!

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