Friday, September 17, 2010

It Ain’t Over Yet…

Yeah…it is getting cooler at night, football season is here and the leaves are changing. It is no longer summer. But the carp season ain’t over just yet! I got out to one of our local mud flats on my last day off and found plenty of active fish. It was a weekday…bright and sunny. With not a soul around. I completely blew the first five shots I had at feeding carp, but was not too bummed ‘cause it all happened in the first ten minutes. Once I got my shit together I began hooking up! The water levels were way low and the mud flats were extensive…and good-sized fish were cruising everywhere. I beached eight carp between six to nine pounds in the next two hours. I was able to make some long casts to visibly feeding (backs or tails out of the water!) carp…and connecting. One of the coolest things in fly fishing if you ask me! Because the water was so low and the shad had nowhere to hide, I was going with the Grey Minnow Backstabber carp fly…seemed to do the trick!

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