Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take Your Medicine

Yes, it has been agreed upon...Colorado is beautiful and it is great to live here. But most of us still have to spend the vast majority of our time locked away indoors. Stuck behind a computer or in a cell-like cubicle. Even us in the fly fishing industry...look, I'm at a computer right now! WTF? Five days a week I have to come into the fly shop and explain to people why it is important that waders be waterproof. Or, why it may not be a good idea to take a 4 wt rod on a tarpon fishing expedition. But, the best part of living here is the close proximity to good fishing. Take advantage of it! You see your fellow workers going for a run, or bike ride before office hours. They are doing it for a couple, they are weird. No (sorry) actually that is their chosen medicine. Just like we have chosen fishing as our opiate. And taking your medicine before going into work can put you in such a better mood. Your entire day will seem more bearable.

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