Monday, September 27, 2010

Low Water on Boulder Creek

Yesterday morning I met up with Cody Burgdorff and we fished Boulder Canyon. It was the first weekend day I have been out of the fly shop in years. Was kinda weird. Felt like a paroled convict stepping back onto the streets of his old home town. But Cody had gotten his hands on a couple Denver Broncos tickets. He assured me they were great seats, too! So I took off the entire day. Planned to fish the creek ‘till noon, then head over to the Park-N-Ride and get a lift to Invesco Field. Great plan. But the creek was way low…19 CFS. And we were there in the morning…before the sun had a chance to get on the water. So, fishing was a bit slow. (If you go, be stealthy and go in the afternoon.) I do feel obligated to mention that Cody out fished me 5 to 1 using a “Frenchie” Nymph…one of Lance Egan’s patterns.
Oh, and Payton Manning made our defense look like donkeys in the second half…and I got to witness it from great seats.

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