Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colorado River Report…?

  Jon Spiegel and a couple of his fishing buddies hauled a drift boat down to Glenwood to float the Colorado River the other day. I guess he floated near Glenwood…it may have been closer to Silt. He was being obnoxiously vague, as though there still was a secret stretch of the Colorado with no highway and no fishermen. But, whatever. I can respect being cautious not to “hot spot” a specific area. As a fishing writer, I always have to be aware of that sort of thing. Friends get pissed. So, looks like it was a successful trip…what flies were doing the trick? Oh, cool…a new PMD soft hackle pattern you have been working on? Sweet! Wait…and a Pandemic nymph, Quigley’s Faux Hawk pale morning dun, Tungsten Torpedo, Hotwire Prince nymph and a big, weighted Twenty Incher nymph. Well, shit. So anything was working then? Well, anything else to report? I want to write a piece for the blog… Anything cool to add? Oh, it was a beautiful day and most of the trout were taken from the riffles. OK, I’ll make a note of that. Jon, you’re the James Thurber of our generation …

Awesome fish, though!

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