Monday, August 30, 2010

South Boulder Sallies

  South Boulder Creek is running low and clear these days. And the bugs are pouring off it like an assembly line. Fast fluttering bugs in the sunlight over the water and slashing surface strikes from the resident brown trout. Caddis mainly? Right? Or, I should say it looks like nothing but caddis flies from a distance. But, get closer…get ankle deep in the creek and take a better look. They will land on you. Crawl up your wader and dart into your open fly box like they’re shopping in a red light district. They have no fear. Little yellow sally stoneflies. About the size of your average caddis adult, but lower profile. And I swear they taste better than caddis…or should I have been leaving the culinary reviews to the trout? Either way, the brown trout seem to prefer them as well.

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