Monday, September 12, 2011

A voice for small trout and home waters

I love small creeks and small trout. I have no shame. And I spend more time on Boulder Creek than any other trout stream.
I grew up reading dusty, old fishing literature where the author inevitably wrote the best and truest essays and anecdotes about their Home Water. As a child reader I always wished to have a worthy home water...some cozy creek or nondescript lake that no one else ever fished. But, the best I ever had was a cow pasture creek with little chubs or a farm pond with more cattails than water.
But, now I have Boulder Creek! I know it like I know the cracks in my trucks windshield! So, let me propose this: GET TO KNOW YOUR HOME WATER BETTER! You should know the pond or creek near your home better than anywhere. Take advantage of living in a place like this! Just could be living in Oklahoma!

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