Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Minute Wader Repair

This is a gear review for the Loon UV wader repair. It was going to be another story about leaky waders and their never-ending inevitability…but ended up sounding like a late-night infomercial. So, I scraped the story and just went ahead and wrote the damn gear review. The product has been around for awhile, I just have never used it for its intended purposes. I always keep a collection of Loon UV activated paint and glues on my fly tying desk. I use the Knot Sense to coat midge pupa and scud backs…and create frog eyes and streamer heads. Even used it to repair a mailbox once—never a set of waders, though. Oh…I forgot! My fishing partner said…standing over a pile of her gear spread out on the kitchen floor. My waders have a big hole! So I sprung, all MacGyver-like into action…with high-speed blue UV light and everything. Patched the waders and my fishing partner stayed dry. I think she was fairly impressed, too. So, you know…thanks Loon Outdoors. I owe ya one!

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