Friday, September 9, 2011

3 Reasons to Catch & Release

The joy one gets from hooking, playing and landing a fine trout on a fly is enough to last a lifetime. The challenge, the spectacle…the achievement—even for seasoned and experienced anglers—that one good fish can make the day. So why kill the trout from your favorite stream or lake? Let it go. Let that same fish make someone else’s day. Let it make another life-long memory. To illustrate…I was looking through photos of trout caught by friends and family this year and made a starting discovery. I recognized one of the brown trout! No kidding! Three different times!

First time caught. June, 27th 2011 by Erin Block. Fell for a leech pattern! 

Second time caught. August 11th 2011 by Eva Zimmerman. Fell for a callibaetis emerger!

Third time caught. September 5th 2011 by me! Fell for a dark olive Curmudgeon Crumpler dry fly!

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