Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Flies for Trash!

Or, as it should be called: Cash (flies) for clunkers (trash)! We at Rocky Mountain Anglers have noticed the trash on Boulder Creek piling up. It has gotten bad here in the town of Boulder. It has been a light snow winter, so the bums and vagabonds have gotten comfortable and dug in like grunts on the DMZ. There are soggy blankets, piss tubes and what looks like drunken attempts at fox holes... If I start seeing tracers at night I'll get worried. So, here is the deal we have concocted: If you go out on Boulder Creek (in town) and gather a bag of trash we will let you toss it in our dumpster and give you one free trout fly! Once you bring us five bags of trash, we will give you a free RMA shop ball cap!

(* Note: if we find you are bringing us trash from home, we will ether you, drag you down to the creek...where the bums may find that "ya sure gots a purty mouth!")

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