Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Never-Ending Stream (A Tribute to Fly-Tying Form and Function)

The first line of the introduction to this book is simple and understated. “Fly-tying ideas are like an ever-changing stream, constantly flowing and picking up momentum from various sources.” And the concept for this book is simple. This book is a paper and ink tribute to all the flies and fly tiers who influenced, or somehow contributed to the delinquency of Scott Sanchez. So, truth be told, it is a somewhat egocentric history lesson for those of us nerdy enough to care about who tied what and when the first Humpy dry fly was used on the Snake River. I don’t even know for sure if this is a good book…because I am definitely the target audience. For much the same reason I have no idea if Bad Santa was a great movie, or a complete dud. Deep in every fiber of my being I absolutely believe that on Christmas getting black-out drunk and urinating on an elf is the most awesome thing ever. See? I was the target audience. Same with this book. I have been geeking out about fly catalogs for as long as I can remember. I would leave Victoria’s Secrets untouched in the mailbox and hoard a stack of old Hank Roberts’s under my childhood mattress as though they were culvert-rescued porn. So, yeah…I own a copy.

Scott Sanchez, Pruett Publishing Company $34.95 Buy a Copy on Amazon for $25! Or, read a book review written by some guys who apparently know how to wright proper book reviews ...Click Here!

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