Friday, March 11, 2011

Pat Dorsey at Rocky Mountain Anglers (Tomorrow!)

For our next fly tying demonstration, Rocky Mountain Anglers has invited Colorado native and South Platte River expert Pat Dorsey to present effective fly patterns for tail water fishing. Teaming with large quantities of aquatic insects, tail waters present the perfect environment for trout to grow at staggering rates. Mr. Dorsey's presentation, Saturday March 12th from 11am to 1pm, will examine the challenges of identifying the flies that are most effective in such environments. So before you turn your clocks forward this weekend, come enjoy the fly tying demonstration and take advantage of our special discounts on tying materials.

Pat is a professional guide and South Platte River expert who has designed many popular patterns including the Paper Tiger, Medallion Midge, and the famed Black Beauty. In addition to being a renowned fly designer, Mr. Dorsey is also a talented writer who is the Southwest Field Editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine and author of A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River and Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies.

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