Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best Eight Weeks to Fish Boulder Creek

As a result of many years of fishing Boulder Creek and extensive record keeping (See Findings) I have come up with what I believe to be three "windows of opportunity". These are the best times to be fishing.


(Last week of March thru first week of April)
Wait for the water temperature to get above 46 degrees and the flow around 20 cubic feet per second—this usually happens in the last week of March. This period is over after the first week of April when the water temperature reaches 50 degrees, but the flows have jumped up past 50 cubic feet per second.
PRIME TIME—4 weeks
(Mid-August thru mid-September)
The stream flow peeks around mid-July (anywhere from 300cfs to 600cfs) but begins dropping very fast. Wait until the flow stabilizes in the 20-35cfs range (usually mid-August). At this point in time the water temperature has peeked at about 65 degrees, but will begin steadily dropping—this triggers small, green apples to drop from the trees into the creek, and heightened trout feeding activity. This cuts off sharply as soon as the water temperature drops below 50 degrees (usually by mid-September).
The “prime time” fishing can be extended by following the 50 degree mark down the canyon, much like one would follow an insect hatch. The farther down stream you go the warmer the water.
(Last two weeks of October)
By mid-October the Brown Trout are just finishing their spawning and have already become well adjusted to the colder water temperature (40-48 degrees). They are ready for one last massive feeding binge before winter. The stream flow remains stable (preferably in the 25-35cfs range) and on sunny days the water temperature will increase by 5 degrees from morning to afternoon. This makes the afternoons () the best time to fish.
Once the water temperature drops and stays below 40 degrees the trout slow down into their winter mode. This usually happens at the very end of October or beginning of November.

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