Monday, August 23, 2010

Leeches, baby!

Hot August evenings…the urge to just leave the bulky chest waders at home and wet wade is almost too much to bear. You can get away with it easily in any of the local trout streams, in fact I recommend it. You can move around easier without waders. Get in position to get just the right drift. Most fly shops sell a wet-wading sock that allows you to use the same, good Simms wading boots you normally wear with your full waders. They are thick neoprene just like the feet of most stockingfoot waders. And they are only about $30. But thing hard about the consequences before you step into any bass ponds with exposed flesh! They will find you…and get you!
(A trick I have found is to buy a big box of cheep women’s knee-high stockings…your buddies will call you a cross dresser, but they are inexpensive enough to be disposable and make it harder for leeches to adhere to your ankles.)

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