Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog Day Bass

Bass feed quite heavily in August when the water is the warmest of the year. Bass consume the majority of their food during this time, this is when they grow the most and have to keep up with their heightened metabolism (remember, fish are cold blooded). But they will concentrate feeding to very select times of day. The best times to fish will be at dawn, dusk or at night. During these periods of hot weather, bass will hang in loose schools along deep weed lines or other structure. They will move into shallow water to feed in mornings, evenings or other low light conditions. But this time of year also brings very low water levels in most of the lakes here in Colorado, coupled with heavy weed and algae growth. This can seriously hinder fishing. Because of the bright conditions bass will hold tight to cover, staying well entwined in the underwater maze of vegetation. It is often impossible to get your fly in front of a bass, and if you do it is usually completely wrapped in slimy, green gunk.

So, be persistent...and vigilante with cleaning off your fly (sometimes after every cast) and concentrate your efforts at the best times of day and you my catch some of your best bass of the year!

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