Thursday, November 11, 2010

Times, they are a changin’…

 Yes, sir. The times, they are a changin’. A Zimmerman much more famous than me once said that. This news may not come as a surprise to some of you avid readers…but may, indeed, come out of left field for others. As of today…veterans’ day, 2010 (yes, planned intentionally) I am leaving the company of, and entire association of, Front Range Anglers. I have given more than six years of unfaltering commitment and loyalty to the promotion and prosperity of this company, the owner and his family, and all those remotely connected. For many years I have been the main voice and face…the primary front man and often, falsely, recognized as the owner of Front Range Anglers. The difficulty of these years is represented well in a collection of ball caps I found in a closet the other day while purging logo-ed equipment and clothing. All mine. Worn every day…consecutively…for well over 2000 days. But, no more. I am a student as well as an employee of fly fishing and the fly fishing industry. And I am a servant to you all, much as I was when I was a soldier…only now to those fishermen and women in my community who seek guidance, assistance and honest advice about anything from fishing spots and fair rod prices…to spouse problems (when pertaining to fishing) and “seriously, do I look fat in these waders?” I have never lied. Sometimes at the cost of a sale. And I have always tried to entertain. In order to be that guy and do those things, I must have a true fly shop as a stage to work and speak from. It does not come across as intimate and genuine if I am representing an internet warehouse with true “big box” ambitions. My departure today from Front Range Anglers was voluntary and amicable…and I truly wish them all well. And, to all of you whom I have met and befriended in the Boulder fly shop…I bid you adieu.

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