Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Find Fall Pike In Deep Water

There is always an opening in the Fall (a small window) to whack a few more Northern Pike before the season is over. You know, in case you didn't quite get your pike fix earlier this spring. It can happen. But, this time of year it is sometimes easy to fall into the habits of spring, wherein you can’t help but waist most of your morning searching (in vain) for pike in shallow, weedy coves. They were all over these areas in the spring…but that was because they were there to spawn. They ain’t doin’ that no more. You may still find them in tight to the bank, but only right at daybreak, and only very near the sanctuary of deep water. Getting to the lake before light and hanging out at the deep end is usually the best strategy. Almost all of the Colorado pike water is in the form of a reservoir, so finding the deep side is a no-brainer. Drive to the side with the dam. Also, a heavy sink-tip fly line is not out of the question, especially if you find yourself out there around mid-day (the pike will be in the deepest water). And be prepared for the possibility of a slow day. You will rarely put up the same numbers as you can on a good day during the spring, but there is always the chance of you hooking into the fish of the season. The big female pike are on the prowl for an easy meal to help them through the winter.

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