Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Neck Deep: Stories from a fisherman.

"Here is an unusual coming-of-age memoir of a young man passionate about fishing. From a northern Ohio boyhood, through four years in the military, to a season on Kodiak Island, Jay Zimmerman's growing through life's awkwardnesses are revealing, and realistic. Most startling are his stories of his time in the service. The best passages call to mind a blue collar, Midwest Norman MacLean,"--Ken Waldman, author of Nome Poems and To Live on this Earth

"There are moments of Zen clarity in these stories of Jay Zimmerman's fishing journey toward selfhood, and thank goodness, for they counterbalance moments of great uncertainty and intemperateness, nearly always refocused by the presence of creeks, rivers, oceans, and lakes. From Panama to Alaska and back to the Heartlands, the author finds in fishing and fish and the art of fly-tying a way to find his path into love and life. Think of Melville's Ishmael, reborn as a culture-shocked ex-paratrooper, struggling for meaning and accommodation in these contemporary chronicles of water, wildness, and meditation. This is a fine first book by a writer who has emerged."--Richard Hague, author of Alive in Hard Country

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