Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colorado Carp Girls

More and more women take up fly fishing every year. Companies like Patagonia and Fishpond have noticed this trend years ago...hence the ever widening selection of female specific waders, boots and vests. No longer do women get asked "Are you shopping for a gift?" when they walk into a fly shop. No longer can you assume the young gal on the creek is just there to keep an eye on her husband. She is very likely there on her own...and there is a possibility she knows the creek better than you. There is an ever growing number of women who have mastered fly fishing to such a degree that they are now working summers as fishing guides,chasing more challenging or exotic fish species (like carp) or just devoting the bulk of their best years toward the never ending pursuit of the next big grip & grin!

Is there anything better than that?

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