Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall River Revisited

The Fall River is more of a creek, really. You can get there easily from the North entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the
Old Fall River Road
follows it almost entirely. You all have seen it (probably when you were looking for a place to park on the way to fish the Roaring River) and there is a good chance you have accidentally even fished it. As streams in the Park go it may be the Rodney Dangerfield—it gets no respect and gets no attention. I know that it is quirky enough to withstand me “hot spotting” it in this blog. The water is as clear and the gradient is much lower than most of the other streams in the area. And, although the meadow stretch is long, awesome and beautiful the headwaters are where I have always spent most of my time. It twists and turns, has old beaver dams and is thick with rod-high trees and brush. Every time I fish the upper stretches I am reminded of an old Richard Brautigan story were he describes the act of fishing one of these tight small streams as fishing in a row of 12,845 telephone booths.

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