Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grassies on Demand (Fly Fishing for Grass Carp!)

I made the comment last fall that I would love to get some big grass carp on film. Don Bousquet said, “I got the spot.”
Oh yeah? Big grassies on demand? They ain’t easy ya know…
“Yeah, whatever,” Don assured me. “I’ll call you in the spring.”
So I got the call and met Don and Gregg Friedman at 7:00 in the morning along some random back road. They were stringing up rods and fussing with a drift boat when I arrived and there was a rising sense of urgency as the wind was beginning to pick up.
A quick plan was formed…Don and Gregg would launch the boat and I would sneak around the bank of the lake with my video equipment. I would do my best not to spook any carp and wait to see what transpired.
Well…the wind got worse, something that would normally dissuade a serious carp fisher, but not these guys. One would stand up on the casting platform taking long shots with a #6 Backstabber at carp in the wind as the other stood crotch deep in the water holding the stern of the drift boat and slowly positioning it for the other to get a better shot at the next carp. It was fun to watch. And they hooked up often…and the reel screaming, dripping grip and grins and high fives made awesome footage.

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