Thursday, August 5, 2010

Careful Whatcha Wipe With

I know you don’t think of yourself as a cheechako. Hell, ya probably think it’s some sorta new Latino gang terminology. It ain’t. You moved out here to Colorado from San Diego or some suburb in the Midwest and now you tell all your old friends back home that you like to “rough it” now that you live “out west” or “in the mountains”. Reality check, Hickok, you are neither a cowboy nor a mountain man. You now live in a larger suburb than you came from originally…and you like the night life in college towns like Boulder and Ft. Collins and you still smuggle your own grass and granola into no-name jam band concerts at Red Rocks. Just because you have somehow managed to survive a handful of overnight fly fishing ventures into the Rocky Mountain National Park does not mean you are a hardcore outdoorsman and ready to start running a trap line in the Yukon. In reality, you are about one hiking trip away from wiping your ass with the wrong leaves.

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