Friday, January 21, 2011

Tom Ziegler to Tie at Rocky Mountain Anglers!

Tom, a transplant to the Colorado Front Range, cut his fly fishing teeth on the crystal clear spring-fed streams of the Missouri Ozarks fishing for both wild trout and, in the warmer streams, the wild and native smallmouth bass. His love of warmwater fishing was mated with tying bass bugs after watching a deer hair spinning demonstration at a local fly fishing club as a teenager. The method he witnessed, and eventually learned, was the Lacy Gee method (aka the Wapsi method) of spinning hair. In combination with demonstrating this method, Tom will discuss its history and the use of the final product on local ponds and streams.

Tom has enjoyed fly fishing since his Dad handed him a fly rod at age 10. He is a Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Certified Casting Instructor, has won the casting competitions at both the Southern and International FFF Conclaves, and has managed a fly shop (Clearwater Fly Shop in Columbia, MO). He has also demonstrated fly tying at numerous national and regional shows and published a fly tying article nationally in Warmwater Fly Fishing magazine.

Tom will be at Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder, CO tomorrow from 11 'till 1pm...there will be free lunch and maybe a stripper pole. We will try to get some of the older gentlemen up in the pole...dolla' dolla' bill, ya'll!

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