Friday, January 28, 2011

Surface Film (Potential Date Night?)

Free beer! Live music! And it is being held at a bonafide art gallery…so, you know, possible double-word-score with your significant-other! On Thursday, February 3rd at 6:30 pm at the Anthology of Fine Arts (635 Santa Fe Drive, Denver) there will be an open-to-public display showcasing the works of 20 of the best fly fishing photographers in the business. You can go have a free beer, stimulate your photographic creativity…or just get yourself all worked up for this fishing season. Plus it is the perfect opportunity to get your non-fishing S.O. interested in the sport. Or at last a chance for you the show them how bad ass you look while you’re out on the water. See? That could be me in that photo up there… Nothing like a breath-taking painting or photograph to lend credibility to you and your sport! Perceived total awesomeness is the best cologne, after all! So, pull out your clean jeans and nicest fishing shirt, call up the gal (…or dude?) who hates you the least and I’ll see ya down there!

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