Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fly Tying Demo

I am excited to announce the kick-off of my fly-tying demo tour! I love doing these demonstrations for a few reasons…paramount being the chance to spend some time in other fly shops in other towns. I get the chance to catch up with old friends whom I may not have seen in awhile. And meet knew fly tiers and somehow negatively influence them! To start off my multi-city romp I get to tie at my new home shop (Rocky Mountain Anglers) in Boulder this coming Saturday. For lunch we will have several big crocks full of Buffalo Chili…as well as all the awesome accoutrements that go along with a meal like that! I will start tying about 11:00 and go ‘till about 1:00. I will be at the shop all day (not just for the good food, but I will actually be on the clock) so feel free to bring your vises and stay later…we can go over some of the patterns I tie on a more one-on-one level, or any other tying help anybody may need. Would love to help work out some early-winter tying kinks. That is what a home-town fly shop is for, ya know!

Of course I will be doing some of my warm-water bass and carp flies…those are sorta my staples. One new bass fly I will be doing is the Booby Frog. This is a fast and easy to tie top-water from pattern that rides hook-up and totally snag and muck free. I use it on all the little bass gravel pits here on the Colorado Front Range during the hot summer months. The little bass ponds have a tendency to moss over just as the bass fishing is hitting its prime. This frog is an absolute killer! I will also be doing some trout flies. To keep the mob at bay… I will tie the Banksia Bug, Clown Shoe Caddis and couple others such as the UV Asher and the Iceman Midge Pupa. I will do my best to be entertaining…informative…helpful…with minimal profanity. See ya there!

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