Sunday, January 16, 2011

Learn to tie the Clown Shoe Caddis

Hook: TMC 2487 (#12, #14 and #16)
Abdomen: Medium Lt. Olive D-Rib
Thread: 6/0 Olive and 6/0 Black
Wing: Dun dyed elk hair
Hackle: Dun saddle hackle
Post: Flouresant Cerise McFlyfoam
Thorax: Black Superfine Dubbing

Step 1: Using 6/0 Olive thread, tie in the olive D-Rib at the rear of the hook and wrap forward to the mid-way point. Tie off and trim.
Step 2: Switch to 6/0 Black thread. Stack and tie in liberal clump of dun elk hair. Trim butt ends of hair.
Step 3: Tie in post of Fl. Cerese McFlyfoam.
Step 4: Tie in saddle hackle.
Step 5: Create dubbing rope using black superfine dubbing. Create black thorax on either side of post.
Step 6: Wrap hackle forward, over the black dubbing thorax. Tie off hackle at eye of hook. Whip finish and trim.
Step 7: Trim all hackle from bottom of thorax.

Watch the fly tying video
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