Thursday, June 24, 2010

Euro Fishing by Wallace Westfeldt

If I said I was tying up a nymph named "Bottom Roller," needed some kneepads, a day-glo French thingie, and I had to keep a low-profile, most folks would assume I was going to Vegas. But I am just going fishing. The style of fishing I am talking about is generally called "Czech Nymphing." It is actually a combination of rigs and presentations popular in Europe. These rigs have been developed in part because of the numerous European competitions and in part because of waters available to certain countries.

There are at least three reasons why you might want to learn about Czech Nymphing:

1. You may already be using some aspects of this style such as high sticking, short-lining.

2. It will improve your own presentation of sub-surface flies, no matter what style you use.

3. You have watched Rob Kolanda vacuum fish from the water using this technique.

This month's article explains the fundamentals of Czech Nymphing and then we will ask the Hoover himself some embarrassing questions.

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