Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walter Mitty Fly Fishing Contest (First Winner: Cody Burgdorff)

It only took a couple of days for us to have our first winner of the first annual "Walter Mitty Fly Fishing Contest". Cody Burgdorff of Lafayette, Colorado went out for a day of warm water fly fishing on June 1st...he landed a nice Smallmouth Bass (1) on the first cast...with a #6 black Backstabber, and it was only just legal! Almost too big... Then Cody landed five good sized carp on the same fly, but they were way too big to count (well over ten inches). But then he got serious about completing the contest and whacked a Green Sunfish (2) a very tiny Bluegill (3) a Yellow Perch (4) a Shinner (5) a Largemouth Bass (6) and as a bonus species a Crappie! (7).

Good job, Cody!

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