Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Thompson Fishing Report

The Big Thompson River below the dam at Estes Park is flowing at 130 cfs and, more importantly, it has been flowing at that steady rate for almost two weeks now. I have always contended that the Big T fishes best between the flows of 80 and 180 cubic feet per second. But, like any river, I believe consistency in the flow is the most important. I would take a slightly less than desirable flow over a perfect flow any day…as long as it has been holding steady for at least four or five days. The only major
obstacle on the Big T the last few days has been the intense sun. Not a cloud in the sky. Being a river system rich in mayflies (mainly BWO’s) and midges, you will find it will always fish better on overcast days. So, two bits of advice if you are planning to head up… 1: If it looks like crappy weather, don’t be scared! GO! 2: If it is a bright, sunny day…still go. Just be prepared to work harder for your fish. On days like that I like to concentrate on the out-of-the-way, hard to reach pockets on the “other” side of the river. Two days ago a friend and I fished the Big T and every fish we took was after we waded into the thick of the current and high-sticked the opposite bank. Most fishermen are afraid of water (shocking, I know!) so the trout in these areas are basically untouched. We had most luck on Kolandas’ Pandemic mayfly nymph and Cravens’ new Two-Bit Hooker mayfly nymph. Very few fish taking food off the top. Wait for the overcast days for good top water action.
Click link below to get an up-to-date stream flow for the Thompson. Trust me! It could change dramatically without warning!

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