Monday, February 1, 2010

Book and DVD Reviews

Read Full Review Fly Fishing The Seasons
The single most important factor that determines a fly angler’s approach to a stretch of water isn't the time of day, nor is it a hatch of insects or even the character of the water itself. It’s the season. From spring and summer through fall and winter, changes in weather dictate changes in strategy. This can be intimidating. If fish were biting here a month ago, why are things so different now? Where to go where they might be better?

Read Full Review No Shortage of Good Days I discovered John Gierach when I was a teenager. I found a beat-up copy of Trout Bum in a cardboard boxof fishing books stacked at one end of a sagging yellow couch in a cabin somewhere in Western Pennsylvania. I had been invited out to the cabin for a week of trout fishing with friends from school. I was full of young enthusiasm about the trip, as well as the still fairly new discovery of fly fishing. I had no friends that fly fished, and no local shops to help me acclimate...

Read Full Review The first line of the introduction to this book is simple and understated. And the concept for this book is simple. This book is a paper and ink tribute to all the flies and fly tiers who influenced, or somehow contributed to the delinquency of Scott Sanchez...

Read Full Review He is considered a local treasure here in Colorado and his flies are found in every one of our fly boxes.It can be easily argued that Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying was one of the top instructional fly tying books ever published. And, yes, I am comparing it to all the greats! Also, with the help of Jay Nichols, one of the best looking books of its type ever put together. But I did have one complaint...purely out of my own selfishness, I wanted more of Charlies own, original fly patterns in the book...

Read Full Review Alright…I have said it before, but tentatively. If you have not heard of The flyfish Journal yet, you will soon. I made this statement tentatively a few months ago because I had just received the first issue. And was blown away.

Read Full Book Review Not just another published collection of 800 slight variations of basically the same midge pupa. I found a good one here… Secret Flies features over 350 proven fly designs by twenty-one respected Czech and Slovak fly tiers. Flipping through these pages will get your creative juices flowing…I guarantee it!

Read Full Book Review From Panama to Alaska and back to the Heartlands, the author finds in fishing and fish and the art of fly-tying a way to find his path into love and life. Think of Melville's Ishmael, reborn as a culture-shocked ex-paratrooper, struggling for meaning and accommodation in these contemporary chronicles of water, wildness, and meditation.

Read Full Book Review When this book came out many of my friends (who spend a lot of time fishing the high lakes) were pissed off. They were upset because many of their favorite cutthroat lakes and the hiking routes were mentioned. This told me one thing: I needed a copy!

Read Full Review on DVD FlyFisherman magazine has recently released a series of fly tying DVDs called the Foundation 40 Fly Patterns. The series is listed like a college class list, 101-Beginning Patterns, 201-Basic Patterns, 301-Intermediate Patterns and 401-Advanced Patterns. In this DVD (first of the series) you will get to take a lesson from the master, Charlie Craven.

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