Monday, January 11, 2010

Fly Tying Instruction

How to Tie the Texas Ringworm Fly (Step by Step) This fly was designed for one simple completely revolutionize the way we fly fish for bass in this country. To put fly fishermen on the same playing field as every conventional gear bass fisherman.

How (And Why) to Tie a Furled Dubbing Loop Furling fly tying materials is not necessarily a new or innovative technique . I have even seen fly tying books devoted entirely to the practice. I have even seen tiers making small leeches using twisted dubbing loops. 

Sharpie (The Tier’s Companion) Unconventional tricks. Cheap tricks. I love ‘em all. Peek into any avid fly tier’s kit bag and you will learn some cool new stuff to add to your own arsenal. The best ones are usually the simple ones. One of my favorites is having a black Sharpie marking pen handy on my fly tying desk. Here are some of the ways I like to use it.

How to Tie the UV Asher The UV Asher is a drastic improvement on a classic fly. The original Orange Asher has been an old staple for many years, but does not get used often anymore. Most fly shops carry them, but many of the newer shop employees may not know what bin it is in...or have no idea what you are talking about! The old, original was a great fly...

Streamer Hydrodynamics (Geeks Only!) As you have probably gathered, we at the shop are not dry-fly purists...nor are we exclusive to trout. We spend a exorbitant amount of time fishing and developing new (and occasionally better) flies for saltwater and warmwater. Most of these flies are what can be lumped into the streamer fly category.

5 Ways To Use The Loon UV Light I made this 10 min YouTube video demonstrating five different ways to utilize the Loon Outdoors UV Knot Sense and Fly Paints. Tie an Egg Sucking Leech, Olive UV Back Scud, Iceman Midge pupa, Bellyache Minnow Streamer and the UV Asher dry fly.

The Krystowski Minnow is one of my early original fly designs. I began tying this fly long before I was part of the fly fishing industry and a contract fly designer. It was at a point in my life when I had very limited time to spend behind a vise...

I use this carp fly almost exclusively...with much success!

The creation of the Geezus Lizard Bass Fly hinged entirely on the conception of the ferruled dubbing loop tail. I have tried for years to build a worm-like fly, or fly appendage, to mimic the rubber worms conventional bass anglers have in their arsenal...

Iceman Midge Pupa I am a big fan of midge pupa. I love to fish them, because they work so well…and they almost never don’t work. I think that made sense? But, more than anything, I love to tie them. And I love to look at other guys midges, too. (Not in the shower at the gym, however.)

Banksia Bug Pupa I began tying this fly to imitate the masses of free-living caddis larva in all my home waters here in Colorado and elsewhere in trout streams all over the West...

Clown Shoe Caddis Dry The development of this fly began with the frustration over the inability to find a decent work horse dry fly to act as a mule for a couple heavy dropper nymphs in rough water...

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