Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Tie the UV Asher

The UV Asher is a drastic improvement on a classic fly. The original Orange Asher has been an old staple for many years, but does not get used often anymore. Most fly shops carry them, but many of the newer shop employees may not know what bin it is in...or have no idea what you are talking about! The old, original was a great fly, very popular with the high-lake dry fly fishermen. But the only fault was a severe lack of durability. The fly would fall apart after only one fish...making it essentially a disposable fly. You could put a cross wrap of fine wire over the hackle to re-enforce it, but that would almost always make the fly look disgusting and make it sink easy (not so much because of the added weight of the wire, but because the wire would matt down or tweak the fine dry fly hackle fibers).

The flashy underbody and large black head of this new version gives it a buggier look. Plus, the hackle wrapped through UV Knot Sense creates a super durable and better floating fly because the quill is protected and the hackle fibers are permanently erect and ridged. It is a super easy fly to tie...

UV Asher (Orange): Hook—TMC 100, Grizzly hackle, 6/0 fire orange Uni-thread, and black, Lateral Scale (Orange Dyed Pearl).

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