Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why I Love Greenies

No, I do not mean touring Colorado fly fishermen. I mean Green Sunfish. They are the only sunfish native to our state (or so I have read, tell me if I have that wrong). There are many reasons to chase warm water species with a fly rod. Throughout the majority of the country warm water fishing is the only available venue for fly fishermen as well as conventional fishermen. But, here on the Front Range of Colorado, we as fishermen are often spoiled by the quality of our trout fishing and rarely take advantage of the other white meat…so to speak. Even amongst the hard-core warm water junkies I know (and I know a ton) many of the smaller brim and sunfish are largely ignored. And it’s a shame. I have always held these little scrappers in high regard. Maybe because I refuse to forget how much they taught me about fishing and basic biology when I was a bare-foot kid. I have always been a big fan of crappie, pumpkinseeds and of course bluegill…but, maybe my favorite is the Greenie. They have the innocent curiosity of a bluegill, aggressive attitude of a smallmouth bass…and the chompers of a largemouth bass! They will eat small trout flies if that is all you have, as well as big topwater bass poppers. And they have this hint of deep jungle tropics in their appearance. Or maybe I’m just getting carried away…

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