Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carp Fishin' is Gettin' Hot!

The ideal conditions for fly fishing the Colorado carp flats are hot, bluebird days with little to no breeze. The hot weather gets the water nice and warm, which gets the fish more active and feeding. And the bright, direct sun makes sight fishing easy. A tiny bit of breeze can be nice, just to put a little movement on the surface of the water. This distorts the carp-eye view of you, the fisherman more that the other way around. With wary fish that have great eye sight, this can be an advantage.
The last couple weeks here on the Front Range it has been perfect weather for the carp cause…mid-eighties, no clouds and little wind almost every day. Things have been getting better and better. The only obstacle recently has been the exceptionally high water in most of the local lakes and reservoirs. This has made the target fish very difficult to spot. (And you can’t sight cast to a fish you can’t see!) But, in the last few days the stream flows have begun to drop slightly, or at least level out and most of the seasonal draw of water into these reservoirs is over. Now you will notice the water levels of many of your favorite carp spots dropping. This drastically improves the situation! The fish will be easier to see and the lower water will pull many of the carp out of their sanctuary deep in the submerged cattails.
The last few days have been some of my first Superb carp fishing days of the season!

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