Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another One Succumbs

I have always enjoyed talking to people about the excitement of carp fishing. I used to tell stories about carp with great enthusiasm more as a defense mechanism against the common skepticism I encountered. That isn’t the case anymore. Fly fishing for carp has officially caught on…and I no longer have to defend it, or myself. Over the last few years I have coached and encouraged countless new or aspiring carp fishermen at the fly shop. I explain how all it takes is that one hot fish…that first good cast. All the right things to line up and actually go according to plan. Then your first carp is hooked and you’re hooked forever.

Reed Bunker and Patrick Knackendoffel went out on the mud flats on Mr. Reed’s birthday. And Patrick guided him into his very first carp. He found the right fish, made the right cast…with the right fly (a Backstabber carp fly, of course) and scored on his birthday! A few days later I got an email from Bunker, said he found a nice pond next to his workplace. He had been seeing some carp…and on his first day back from his trip with Patrick he landed a 12 pounder! Yup, another clean, honest trout fisherman succumbs to the lure of the mud flat!

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