Saturday, July 3, 2010

Support your local fly fishing guides!

Support your local trout bums. Yes, they are a degenerate tribe...but, in some important ways, necessary. While you are diligently advancing your career and raising a model American family, the trout bum is on the river...NOT calling his mother and certainly not spending the appropriate "quality" time with loved ones (who happen to have real jobs). But, as I have said, these bums are necessary. Who is gonna give you a brush-up casting lesson the day before your annual fly fishing trip to Montana? Who is gonna teach your spouse to nymph fish? (You know they won't take orders from you anymore!) And who is gonna invent the next great trout fly?

So, support your local fly fishing guides. Have one of them take you up onto your favorite creek before the prime season is over...they are bound to teach you something! And, I'm sure they are running out of beer money.

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