Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Weekend (Part 1: Carp)

Hot summer days in mid July and I have the whole weekend off! I was so excited on Friday night I almost forgot to drink myself to sleep. The anticipation...oh, the lovely anticipation. But there is so much to do on the Front Range of Colorado if you have an open mind and a fly rod. Saturday's weather called for no wind, few clouds and temps into the 90' it was a no brainer. We would hit the mud flats for carp first thing. 
I rounded up the E-Team (Erin and Eva) at 6:00 in the morning. (OK, maybe it was the other way around. Erin rousted me at about 6:45. So, yeah...almost forgot to drink myself to sleep.) And we drove down out of the cool, shaded sanctuary of our canyon and into the already sweltering heat of the flat land.
The three of us got rods rigged on the tailgate...stout leaders, 2x and #6 Backstabbers. Everyone got ammo? Grenades? Who has the Bangalore? We double checked our sunscreen and water supply, then we hit the flats like they were the Normandy beach...
The action was fast. We all had something to add to the body count within 45 minutes...after that it was all about who could spot the next active fish, or who could capture the best photo...
Good times...good times. 

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