Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Weekend (Bonus Round: Brookies, Bugs and Banjo)

Awwww snap! I got Monday off, too! Total bonus round. But...on any third straight day of fishing, you begin to focus on the things that were overlooked in the excitement of the first two days. On day three I spent more time watching my companions cast, eating snacks and picking up creek rocks (to look at bugs) than fishing myself. Sure, I caught dozens of amazing little book trout, too...but it is my favorite brookie stream after all. That is why we went.
But the other reason we went was because we could bring the dog along this time. Banjo had been cooped up at home for the last two dogs are not allowed into the Rocky Mountain National Park. And the carp flats we hit on Saturday were not especially suited for the canine-kind. Today, though...Banjo was king. He got to run back and forth checking in on his people, sniff trout and rocks (there's a nymph on there, boy!) and partake in the cheese and salami...

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