Friday, July 8, 2011

Fishing on the 4th (Bear Creek)

Jay, I managed to get up on Bear Creek yesterday. Got on the water right as the sun dipped below the ridge and some clouds blew in and fished 'till about 9. The water was clear and kind of warm, some bugs (little yellow sallies, some mayflies, and some midges at dusk) but nothing really serious. Caught some beautiful browns on your Clown Shoe Sally. Nicest fish was in the 10-11" range out of a little plunge pool, he jumped at the Sally. Also had some luck on one of those crazy purple parachute adams that I might be in love with, I think it was as much that it didn't look like cottonwood fluff as that it looked like something hatching...but whatever. It actually matched a hatch of mayflies that came off later pretty well. All in all a much nicer way to spend 4th of July evening compared to getting faced off a keg. --Paul Gibbs

Thanks for the report, Paul!

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