Friday, December 31, 2010

Craziest Fly Shop Questions of 2010!

#1 "What fly should I put the floatant on? The dry fly or the leech?"

#2 "Why is it so important that waders be waterproof?"
#3 "My line is winding onto my reel very loosely...when I tighten my drag it seems to help. Do you have any other suggestions?"
#4 "It looks like all you have are looped leaders. I don't like looped leaders. Do you have any without loops?"
#5 "Do you have pants that go over my pants won't get wet?" We have waders. "No, I already have some of those."
#6 "I applied a small amount of super glue to the end of my fly line to seal a crack...has this changed the weight of my fly line?"

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