Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 3 craziest fly shop questions of '09

"This may be a crazy question!" is a statement I hear a lot in the fly usual reply is; "It won't be the worst of the day! Probably not even in the top three! Trust me!" So, now we are getting to the end of the year and I have put together the top 3 winning Crazy Questions I have been asked in the past year! Yes, I do record and rate them!
#1 "I was just in the shop an hour ago and bought a replacement set of soles for my size 11 Korker wading boots...and I think you sold me two different sizes. Did you sell me a size 11 Long and a size 11 Regular?"

#2 "My leader got twisted up behind the spool of my new Ross reel. I took pliers and a screwdriver and tried to disengage the spool...was able to remove everything BUT the spool! Can you help?"

#3 "Yes, I am calling from Golden and was planning on driving up to Estes Park this afternoon to fish the Big Thompson River for a couple hours. What time is it getting dark up there these days?"


  1. These are funny! It's amazing the questions that people ask. Since you said you record these it would be nice to hear your top questions every couple months or so, I'm sure you are always getting new ones.

  2. Luke, I just added the 2010 questions with a link at end of this one...enjoy!