Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 3 craziest fly shop questions of '09

"This may be a crazy question!" is a statement I hear a lot in the fly usual reply is; "It won't be the worst of the day! Probably not even in the top three! Trust me!" So, now we are getting to the end of the year and I have put together the top 3 winning Crazy Questions I have been asked in the past year! Yes, I do record and rate them!
#1 "I was just in the shop an hour ago and bought a replacement set of soles for my size 11 Korker wading boots...and I think you sold me two different sizes. Did you sell me a size 11 Long and a size 11 Regular?"

#2 "My leader got twisted up behind the spool of my new Ross reel. I took pliers and a screwdriver and tried to disengage the spool...was able to remove everything BUT the spool! Can you help?"

#3 "Yes, I am calling from Golden and was planning on driving up to Estes Park this afternoon to fish the Big Thompson River for a couple hours. What time is it getting dark up there these days?"

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