Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flyfishing for Smallmouth Bass (Bellyache Minnow)

Smallmouth bass off the rocks! April is a great time to find these hard fighting fish in close to shore at most of our larger reservoirs. Rob Kolanda likes to throw one of his infamous Bellyache Minnows on a long leader. These flies are tied with a large tungsten belly weight, giving them a real minnow shape, but more importantly they will sink quickly to get down over any drop-offs just off the edge of rocks and rip rap...deadly for bass and walleye! I went out with him the other day and he had two good smallmouth in hand before I could finish my first cast and retrieve! All I could do was give him the finger from down the bank and then try to butter him up in order to get a fly from him...jerk.

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