Monday, April 13, 2009

Big carp on the fly!

Checked out all the local lakes looking for carp on the move the other day. Saw a few in the afternoon, but was having a lot of blank looks. As a last resort I stumbled down to the St. Vrain and looked around. Found one pool with a few active fish, but the water was low, cold and the carp were spooky. I gingerly cast to several fish only to spook them as soon as I moved my rod to cast. So I backed off, got low in the brush and waited. Just before dusk I saw the shadow of a big fish (over 20 pounds!) moving up in the pool and I let the current take my black leech Backstabber carp fly out to her....
She ate it as soon as it got to her! Then I had to stand up and crank down hard with my 6 weight to keep her out of the log jam on the other side of the pool. The commotion spooked all the other carp in the pool, but it was only light enough to snap a couple photos and usher her back into deeper water.

Nice save at the end of the day!

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