Monday, March 21, 2011

Small Carp, Small Water (Best Bet, for now!)

The best bet, that is, if you are a carp fisherman. If not, well...go have fun with your trout. I hear the rainbows spawn this time of year. Get yourself some plastic beads and toothpicks and find the nearest redds. (Dream Stream in on as of two days ago) I don't care to see the photos, though. But if you are self-depreciating enough to chase carp...I got good news and bad. Good news is that these sunny days have warmed the water up just enough to get some carp moving. Bad news is that you may have to be a bit creative in choosing the waters you are looking in. Most of the larger reservoirs are not going to do you any favors. If you know any out-of-the-way urban know, the tiny ones where ya get asked "Are there really fish in there? Or are you just practicing?" Usually just baby carp around, but there is at least an outside chance they will take a fly. The other day I was doing my local carp rounds and found a bunch of young ones (Samantha's Pond, for the benefit of only two known carp heads who live near said pond). But I had to get a fly in front of about 20 fish before one finally ate. I guess they aren't used to spooking up lively food from the slop yet. Water is still too cold. Give it a week or so and the leeches, crayfish and dragonfly nymphs will be more energetic...and the carp will respond better to a fly.

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