Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Get Out and Fish!

You look longingly out the window of your office...and can feel the warmth of the sun. Your behind the BFI dumpster smoke breaks are lasting longer (gone are the frantic 3-puffers "shit it's cold!"). And you almost drove into the median this morning as you were trying to peer over the guard rail as you were traveling down the highway at 65mph. Yes...there was a kid fishing that pond along the highway that you still have no idea who owns. Or is it public? And, yes, the kid was skipping school. Probably getting a D- in math...gonna make minimum wage for most of his life (or work in a fly shop). But he had a killer day on the bass pond. He most likely felt a bit sorry for you as you drove by, lurching and fidgeting with your silly neck tie.
So, is this you? Yup, thought so. Now stop wandering into your local tackle store or fly shop saying the same dumb shit..."Well gettin' about time, huh?" IT HAS BEEN TIME! Take a day off if you have to. Just get OUTSIDE!

The bass fishing is beginning to get good... The water is still a bit cool in most of our local ponds and lakes, so be sure to stock up on the proper cold water bass flies. Look for flies that will sink fast (bass are holding deep still) and have a ton of good, life-like movement when fished slowly. I like to have some Meat Whistles and Geezus Lizards in my box this time of year. Both are tied on jig hooks, which allows them to ride hook up on the bottom.

Underwater shot of a Geezus Lizard in action!

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